I'm a Digital Product Advisor, Inventor of the ADORE ProcessTM and CEO of RAMMP.

Having the opportunity to be exposed to RAAMP was an incredibly valuable process for our business. The journey we must take both our internal and external stakeholders on was glaringly obvious once the methodology was easily articulated. It will become a significant cornerstone in the success of all our teams well into the future.

Nathan Sharpe
Director, Talisman Partners


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I have spent much of my life conquering the unknown both for work and for pleasure. My career has afforded me the luxury to work with emerging and high-growth brands in London, New York, San Francisco, Turkey, Taipei, New Zealand and Australia. I have run many miles in all these places, pulled a sled across the Arctic, helped a Mongolian family with their summer migration and raised two awesome kids.

Fast forward to now. Since 2020, I have served as the Digital Technology Advisor to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. The brands I have worked with have spanned everything from engineering, ed-tech, fintech, racehorses to edible seaweed creations. In this time, I invented unique process to significantly uplift conversion rates without increasing marketing spend. The process is the subject of my latest book, DigitalBrand Romance, and underpins the intelligence behind the next generation marketing diagnostic tool RAMMP.

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