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Anna Harrison presenting at Future Anything conference
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Other Talks
Building SaaS with sassss, ReactBris, July 2018
Decoding Design, BrisJS, June 2018
Designers don’t PR: Integrating Design into large, open source projects, GitHub Constellation 2018
The Silent D in IT: Creating inclusive technologies for a global audience, CITRENZ2017
Decoding Design : Because you are not “just like your users”, YOW!Connected
A Headline Bot Generated This Talk Title, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next, WebDirections AI
7 Common UX testing mistakes and how to avoid them, WordCamp Brisbane, July 2017
Decisions Considered Harmful for product love, Localhost Deployment, June 2017
UX Magic, Microsoft Expressway, April 2017
An army of one: using cognitive bots to make writing more simple, Content Strategy Meetup, March 2017
Enterprise UX Magic, Enterprise UX Meetup, February 2017
Think Fast, Look good and Influence (for leaders), QUT 2017
Think Fast, Look good and Influence (on-camera), QUT 2016
From Scholar to Dollar, QUT, 2015, 2016, 2017
Conference MC, IASDR2015, November 2015. The theme of the conference was INTERPLAY – that sweet spot right at the intersection of science, technology, design research, commerce and arts
Business Fitness Masterclass, NICTA, 2014
Deconstructing Expected Passenger Experience in Airports, DRS2014, Umeå, Sweden, June 2014
The Future Passenger Experience: A Shift from Physical to Virtual Design, KEER2014, Linköping, Sweden, June 2014
Workshop: From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps), QUT, Brisbane, April and November 2014
Workshop: Auxiliary skills for workplace success (in 10 steps), ORACLE Labs, Brisbane, February 2014
Workshop: From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps), QUT, Brisbane, April and November 2014
Airport IT forecast: Cloudy with a chance of data, Aviation IT, London, November 2013
Experience design principles for passenger terminals, SDT, Florida, November 2013
Towards designing the passenger experience, IGNITE!, Brisbane, October 2013
A Kansei approach to passenger terminal design, IASDR, Tokyo, August 2013
Bigger is not better: A new approach to terminal design, PTE, Geneva, April 2013
Challenges in passenger terminal design: A conceptual model of passenger experience, DRS, Bangkok, July 2012