Large Scale Conceptual Modelling

Conceptual Modelling, Tririga
Las Vegas, USA (2003)

The scale of the hotel and casino developments on The Strip in Las Vegas is staggering. Many of the new developments have a design to cradle life cycle that spans decades and billions of dollars. The management of assets during this life cycle is a complex task: how do you replace a bespoke light fitting if one breaks at the Bellagio hotel? Where do you begin to search for an air-conditioning malfunction? How do you trace the source of a water leak? Enter Tririga.

The Tririga facilities management system was born out of the need to consolidate and preserve information from various phases of the design-build-manage life cycle. The system was architected from an abstracted base of architectural, engineering and facilities management objects that were modeled in UML. The time invested in the conceptual modeling in the beginning phases of the project provided a solid foundation from which the system was refined over the next decade. Tririga was acquired by IBM in 2011, and incorporated into IBM’s Smarter Buildings product suite.