I deliver a range of workshops designed to enhance and develop auxiliary skills for professionals. The success of these workshops lies in their simplicity and high degree of practical relevance. Workshops range in duration from one hour, to multi-day sessions, and are typically customized to suit specific organizational needs.

Recent workshops include:

Auxiliary skills for workplace success (in 10 steps). Success at work requires a mix of hard work, brilliance and a well developed set of auxiliary skills. The auxiliary skills workshop enables business leaders, managers and other professionals to identify and enhance 10 critical skills that are tangential to their everyday professional work. The workshop gives participants the confidence and ability to shine in their workplace environment.

 “BRILLIANT! LOVE IT! So relevant… Easy, succinct, enjoyable and packed with pertinent advice.” Workshop participant

Communicating complex concepts (in 3 minutes). One of the challenges faced by highly trained professionals lies in their ability to share their work with non technical audiences. This workshop helps participants to develop skills in presenting technically challenging ideas to a specialized, but non technical audiences. Participants are challenged to communicate their expertise in just 3 minutes (approximately the amount of time that they would have in a team meeting, or when pitching their work to the CEO). Participants are provided with a mix of tips and hands-on immersion exercises, and leave with individual strategies for creating more effective presentations in the workplace.

 “Terrific! Our team has been talking about this all week!”Dr Cristina Cifuentes, Director of Research at Oracle Labs, Brisbane

From scholar to dollar (in 15 simple steps). This workshop addresses the issues faced by graduates when transitioning from a university environment into the workforce.  The workshop covers 15 simple steps that scholars can focus on during the course of their degree to ensure that they emerge not only with a degree, but also with the skills they need to thrive in their chosen job market. An accompanying eBook is due for release in 2014.

 “Very inspirational and uplifting! The 15 tips can be applied to any field, and I love how simple the message is but at the same time real pointers on what to actually do (not just theory)… and by the end you feel like you can really do it!” Evona Fingleton, Graphic Designer transitioning to a career in Nursing

Assessing your Business Fitness (in 7 simple steps). This series of workshops is currently under development in collaboration with NICTA. The Business Fitness methodology is based on 7 simple steps designed to assess an organisation’s “fitness”: just like physical fitness, business fitness is comprised of various components that all work together to enable the organization to adapt to changes and identify new opportunities.

 “You were able to get more done in one hour than we have been in the last few months. Thank you!” Henry Zhuang, Managing Director at AusAsia Health Innovation Centre