Business Services

The landscape has already shifted. The promise of digital disruption is already happening. The question is no longer how to stay in the lead, but rather what else can you become? Can you strategically design your business to future-proof it?

Drawing on years of experience in IT, design thinking, communications, ethnographic research, marketing, sales, product design, strategic development and commercial experience in my own business ventures and consulting in tech start-up environments, I approach each project from an unorthodox and fresh perspective.

Typical services include:

  • Creating new areas of opportunity for businesses (North Shore Labs, Harrison&Burt, TravelersBox)
  • Conducting ethnographic research, workshops and focus groups to uncover customer desires (Experience Design, TravelersBox)
  • Imagining future scenarios based on emerging technologies (SMartE, Tririga, NICTA, AdSpace Networks)
  • Designing products and services focussing on customer needs and wants (Residential and Commercial Design)
  • Uncovering challenges and fears that may impact innovation in organisational contexts (Oracle)
  • Thought leadership through collaborative design-led delivery (Aviation, NICTA, NorthShoreLabs)
  • Design and prototype of new ideas; testing with target markets (AMI, North Shore Labs, NICTA, TravelersBox, AdSpace Networks, Unisys, Inventure)
  • Evaluating commercial viability of alternate product strategies (North Shore Labs, Harrison&Burt, NICTA)
  • Development of business cases and models for new products and business strategies (North Shore Labs, Harrison&Burt, AdSpace Networks)
  • Inspiration and visioning through example, mentoring and regular keynote presentations (Workshops, Presentations)

I work with you to co-create the right strategy to strengthen your commercial outcomes. The methods I use to create your organisation’s pathway to profit are always tailored to your specific needs and goals.