From Scholar to Dollar

eBook: From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps)
Anna Harrison, 2014 *Over 2000 downloads

From Scholar to Dollar provides a practical guide to developing the auxiliary skills needed to make a successful transition from scholar to post degree success.

In the last few years, there has been much talk of the diminishing value of higher education. The completion of a Masters or Doctorate degree is often associated with feelings of dissatisfaction. Graduates feel that after years of hard work, they are left without the skills needed to land their dream job. For the most part, they are correct.

A degree alone no longer guarantees career success. As the world becomes increasingly competitive, and the educational ecosystem changes, there is an acute need for graduates who are armed not only with domain specific brilliance, but also a range of auxiliary skills.

This book provides a roadmap to developing the skills necessary to make a smooth and successful transition from scholar to dollar, in 15 simple steps. It is available as a free download from the book’s website.

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