How I can help…

I help businesses, products and dreams find their individual pathways to profit. My ability to understand complex ideas, identify core customer values and align these with business vision lie at the heart of every product and strategy I develop.

Businesses that foresee change, embrace it and innovate will seize growth opportunities. Future-proofing your business begins with an in-depth understanding of human needs and desires, enabling technologies and the ability to dream about the limits of possibility. This is what I do for my clients every day with passion.

Using a mix of conceptual design principles, ethnographic research methods, data analysis, workshopping techniques, design thinking, fast prototyping and creative magic, I am able to extract the value inside your organisation and help you to identify future business opportunities.

I have boosted commercial returns, enhanced productivity, enriched customer experiences and cut forecast costs for SMEs, corporates, industry and public sector agencies and have been fortunate to work with exceptional and inspiring individuals.

… and yes, I can do it for you!