The Power of Simplicity


Conceptual Modeling Researcher, Centre for Software Maintenance
Brisbane, Australia (1995-1997)

The reverse engineering and binary decompilation team at the Centre for Software Maintenance (CSM) were hard core technologists. Their bubble of brilliance was hard to penetrate by anyone who did not posses a PhD in geek speak.

In this environment, the job of abstracting and modeling was challenging on two counts. Firstly, the material to be modeled was conceptually complex. Secondly, the people who possessed the knowledge had difficulty in translating their thoughts into “pedestrian” language.

In retrospect, the harshness of this environment served as the catalyst for my professional development. Although the skills needed to comprehend complex material, extract the value and present it in simple terms have taken several decades to refine, the journey began in my work with the brilliant technologists at the CSM.

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