The Dawn of Big Data


Business Analyst, Inventure

London, UK and New York, USA (1997-1998)

In the late 1990’s, the Information Technology scene in London was dominated by the impending doom of the Y2K problem. If you were not working on preventing the world from stopping on January 1st, 2000, you were most likely working with the quants in the city to take over the same world on January 2nd.

Around this time, technology had developed to the point where enough data was being generated that manual systems and Excel spreadsheets were starting to become unmanageable. Data integration was an emerging issue and data warehousing was being trialed as a solution. This was the dawn of Big Data.

The team at Inventure was one of the first data integration companies working with quantitative analysis in the banking sector in London and New York. The primitive data warehouses were constructed to integrate historical stock data from various vendors. Custom applications were then built to access the warehouse. The applications were generally built on-site, working with the quantitative analysts who supported the traders on the stock exchange floor.

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