Design at the Edge of the Internet

un-6Web Development, Unisys
Brisbane, Australia (1999)

By 1999, the “dot com” bubble had reached the end of the universe: Brisbane, Australia. While technology geeks were frothing at the bits, customers were generally not that excited to take on eCommerce projects. The slow adoption rate was partly caused by a lack of understanding and relatively few (government agency) reference points: our largest obstacle was making the intangible internet world real to the client.

Our small development team at Unisys paved the way in client engagement by developing a process of “fast specification prototyping”. The visual specifications bridged the gap between technology and client needs, improving client understanding and reducing their perception of risk associated with these new ventures. The techniques we used have since become commonplace, but in 1999, we were dancing at the very edge of the Internet.

The projects initiated by our team included the first eCommerce sites for the Queensland Smart State campaign, and the re-branding of SouthBank TAFE.