A Network for Digital Advertising

Product Development, AdSpace Networks
Las Vegas and San Francisco, USA (2000-2002)

AdSpace Networks was a small startup, operating out of a warehouse in south Las Vegas. The company reflected a fusion of the most unlikely bed fellows: Bay Area Geek and Las Vegas Bling. It was a place of high energy, big dreams and supercharged creativity.

The product development team at AdSpace was, in 2000, working on a prototype of the CoolSign digital signage controller, while the operations team was rolling out the world’s first connected out-of-home digital advertising network. By 2002, we had created the first generation digital signage exchange – an “eBay” for buying, selling and customizing advertising time slots on the digital advertising network.

The AdSpace startup was sold in 2002. AdSpace Networks is now a leading provider of in-mall digital advertising. The CoolSign technology was taken over by Haivision.

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